Shower doors & Enclosures is one of High Desert’s specialty and they are well experienced when it comes to installation and replacement of your glass shower doors, bathroom glass doors & single shower doors. Glass shower enclosures has advantages such as it being low maintenance because they are durable and easy to clean, it makes your bathroom look spacious, it is very safe cause it can prevent you from slipping compared to leaky shower curtains, last benefit is it is customizable, at High Desert, a wide range of custom glass shower enclosure & designs are available.

Glass Shower Doors are a more aesthetically pleasing design for contemporary bathrooms. It replaces the shower curtains as well as the popular doorless or curtainless open showers. The advantages of glass shower doors over the other two options are that it is easier to clean, it is the better option looks-wise, lastly, it is customizable. We also replace shower doors at High Desert if there are any minor damages or even full breakage.

There are several shower door options to choose from:

  • Frameless/seamless glass shower doors – this option is simple yet elegant. Having the glass not being held by a frame gives the glass more emphasis and elevates the look and feel.
  • Swinging shower door – Installing a swinging door held by a small subtle metal hinge which is commonly attached or joined by another separate glass panel
  • Stationary shower door panel – this is basically one sheet of glass meant to cover the whole shower area except for an entry point. It is the simplest design
  • Single/double shower door – This option is a single glass pane push or pull door; the other option being a two glass shower door pane which swings opposite of each other.
  • Sliding shower door – this is the space savvy option for glass shower doors as there are no swinging doors which consume space. The glass shower door would just retract or slide inward against another glass shower pane



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For over 10 years, the team at High Desert Window & Glass has been doing their part to beautify homes in High Desert, Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia, CA and surrounding areas, one bathroom at a time.

We are proficient with glass shower door installation, repair and maintenance, as well as custom mirrors and vanities, and have the necessary know-how to compliment any style.


Our other Shower Doors and Enclosure Provisions Include:

  • Window and glass sales, service and installation
  • Shower and tub enclosures
  • Shower doors
  • Mirror sliding doors
  • Mirrored wardrobe doors
  • Mirrored walls
  • Framed mirrored walls
  • Custom mirror bar
  • Frameless shower doors
  • Aluminum doors

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